winter woes

a normal day in winter in scotland

AnElephantCant believe that it’s winter
He just didn’t expect it this year
It’s only December
In Scotland remember
So much for the season of cheer

The railways are quite a fiasco
The roads are all covered in ice
Scotland grinds to a halt
But it’s nobody’s fault
Do councils plan with a roll of the dice?

In Scotland we have only two seasons
Neither of them particularly warm
In August you know
There isn’t much snow
Just some rain and the occasional storm

But when winter comes round just like clockwork
Our leaders are shocked to a man
We’ve run out of grit
Oh isn’t this rubbish
Is it too much to expect some sort of plan?

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1 Response to winter woes

  1. Robyn Lee says:

    Wonderful work Jack…have enjoyed perusing your poetry and sketches a lot 🙂 Blessings your way ~~Robyn Lee


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