PS Waverley

The Waverley is the world’s only ocean-going paddle steamer, sailing on this occasion from Glasgow’s Science Centre to Helensburgh, Argyll & Bute


AnElephantCant claim to be a sailor
We don’t handle a rudder too cleverly
But we are keen on boats
Or anything that floats
And we love a trip down the Clyde on The Waverley


We are not built for most modes of transport
Not being what you’d call streamlined
So we do prefer paddles
To bicycle saddles
Which cannot cope with our wobbly behind



We sail past the Riverside Museum

The Renfrew Ferry and warships in dry dock

The Clydebank Titan Crane

The Erskine Bridge in the rain

And Dumbarton Castle perched high on its rock


A short morning jaunt on this steamer
From the city down to the Gare Loch
Seeing bens clad in heather
Ignoring the weather
Is like life in a magic pibroch


Now it’s true there have sometimes been hiccups
Though the engines run smoothly as clocks
With no yellow marking
It is tricky parking
Or you end up with Scotch on the Rocks


The passengers are locals and tourists
So interesting to study behaviourally
We are calling it time
We have no more rhyme
Just great memories of the Paddle Steamer Waverley



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3 Responses to PS Waverley

  1. I love the scot rhyme. Who wrote that? It reminds me of the one that goes …up the airy mountain, down the rushing glen. We daren’t go a hunting, for fear of little men. I daresay, that would be Irish and not scotch.

    I love the waverly. It’s pretty. I think I might have to draw that design on it. It’s quite inspiring.


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Great photos
    Great words
    spoken in rhyme
    beautiful moment in time
    ( I love the photos and the poem
    thank you for sharing)


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