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Spurious Apostrophe Donation Society (SADS)

Now, your favourite Elephant is a fairly affable, easy-going sort of chap, rarely irate, seldom irritated, more adagio than agitato. But some things do get under his dermatic exterior. Read on. AnElephantCant get the confusion With apostrophes – why where … Continue reading

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The park can be a wondrous place Full of strange exotic secrets A twilight land of shadowy shapes And dark mysterious creatures T Rex and mammoth flourish here Imagination has a feast A creative mind (with AnElephant’s help) Conjures up … Continue reading

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A Breakfast Serial

  Well. Well, well. Well, well, well. (as the human pyramid said when asked where oil comes from) You lot have really done it now. You will all be familiar with the expression ‘An Elephant in the Room’. And you … Continue reading

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Breakfast Epiphanies

    Breakfast starts the perfect day Pain au chocolat and café Croissants avec confiture The best way to begin your jour And in the good old USA A stack of pancakes shows the way To start you off bright … Continue reading

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Very Much Not the Olympics

    AnElephantCant be bothered with this nonsense He thinks he’ll just ignore it himself It is totally absurd With a list of banned words Like London Summer Olympic Games 2012   Yes these words are all quite forbidden By … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Jack the little Giant

  While clearing and organising Phil’s studio and original art work, the Elephant came across this, the original Jack at the Zoo illustration from the first book of the ‘Jack’ trilogy. It is sadly not possible to convey digitally the vibrancy … Continue reading

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a simple story of anticipation and loss

The youngest amongst us was anxious He was excited and eager to leave He ironed his shirts till they glistened And he left a deep crease on his sleeve The old man was much more phlegmatic He’d been there he’d … Continue reading

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AnElephant doesn’t mean to be rude but ….

  nevertheless, he quite often is – very! The Elephant has been nominated for this award by the wonderful Christina: and the slightly demented Mixedupmeme: AnElephantCant quite get the point Of this award for which he is nominated But he … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Live Forever

AnElephantCant get too excited About what happens to him after he’s dead He hopes he’s not lost At sea or squashed He’d like to pop off his clogs in his bed Though he is not too fussed about after It … Continue reading

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Robert Burns

Today is the 216th anniversary of the death of Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard and, perhaps, most loved figure. It is clearly a moment for contemplation rather than celebration. So we simply include some words from Oor Rabbie, who believed … Continue reading

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