Tour de France 2012


AnElephantCant cycle quickly for three weeks
He is not aerodynamically designed
But when he’s on Le Tour
There’s one thing for sure
He’s determined not to be left behind

This year the Tour sets off in Belgium
A country that some people knock a lot
They say it’s too flat
Who cares about that?
AnElephant just enjoys the chocolate

Then the Tour travels all over La Belle France
The Pyrenees the Alps and the Med
And finally Gay Paris
Where some folks have a soiree
But AnElephant will just crawl off to bed

AnElephantCant be the best ‘grimpeur’*
He is just a bit heavy to climb
But going downhill
An incredible thrill
He can make up a mountain of time

He is dedicated to helping his team mates
A water carrier – in French ‘domestique’
They give him three cheers
When he spreads out his ears
Giving shelter from the rain and the heat

AnElephantCant cycle up mountains
But as a sprinter he’s out on his own
He’s got sensational thighs
So in spite of his size
His aim is Paris in the Maillot Jaune


*grimpeur = climber

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2 Responses to Tour de France 2012

  1. lunarfeline says:

    Most Whimsical 🙂 I loved this…however, sadly, there is no “love” button….only a “like” button!


  2. ~Lady Day says:

    Ah…so fantastically humourous and cute Love it Brian:)


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