Not seagulls

AnElephantCant say we’re a big fan
Of the creatures we erroneously call seagulls
They are somewhat aggressive
Their noise is excessive
And their table manners quite frankly repulse

We have been studying some European Herring gulls
And they have left us with feelings quite mixed
These unlovable birds
Have us eating our words
We have been watching them raising their chicks

The parents are attentive and caring
As they fly back and forth to find food
Their work’s never done
It can’t be much fun
To feed three of an insatiable brood

So this Elephant has now come to realise
That these loud squawking birds are not bad
We don’t want them to visit us
But to their young they’re solicitous
Not unlike our own Mum and Dad

Now the fast-growing fluffy young beasties
Are getting ready to fly off it seems
As we are not Dumbo
We’re the wrong sort of Jumbo
They will achieve AnElephant’s impossible dreams

They will soar off with the Clyde far beneath them
Oe’r the lochs and the glens way up high
An incredible sight
We will watch their first flight
And say goodbye with a wee tear in our eye


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