Ducks and Drakes


AnElephantCant understand duckies
Though he thinks they’re remarkable birds
A cute lady duck
With aplomb and with pluck
Shakes her tail and says much more than words

Where there is a pair there is always a third duck
Who is starting to look and to wonder
He thinks she looks neat
With her little webbed feet
He has more on his mind than a gander

So the hubby gets always irater
He will flap and he’ll squawk and he’ll frown
But she’s the real boss
She does not lack sauce
It’s enough to get an eider down

He knows she is cute as a Daisy
He would be unhappy to lose her
So he keeps his eyes open
He is wishin’ and hopin’
No other chap will manage to goose her

But this menage a trois is going nowhere
She knows her partner is still a good guy
It’s not really on
To have a quick swan
Wow that would cause the feathers to fly

Frank the Drake is indifferent to eagles
He doesn’t worry she’ll become owl prey
But when she takes a walk
He watches her like a hawk
To make sure there’s no chance of fowl play!

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3 Responses to Ducks and Drakes

  1. Christina ~ says:

    Absolutely wonderful! 😀


  2. RLKing says:

    That is an amazing piece…I love it 🙂


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