The Adventures of Jack the little Giant


While clearing and organising Phil’s studio and original art work, the Elephant came across this, the original Jack at the Zoo illustration from the first book of the ‘Jack’ trilogy.

It is sadly not possible to convey digitally the vibrancy and simple power of the original, but we hope you get the picture.

Following are some of the accompanying words from The Adventures of Jack the little Giant and the Clock Tower:

So Jack climbs over the wall
and into the zoo
where he sees Al the Elephant
Jack, how are you?
I have broken this tower
and I just cannot fix it
Please help me out
Look I brought you a biscuit


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2 Responses to The Adventures of Jack the little Giant

  1. pennycoho says:

    I’ve seen your comments on other blogs and I finally asked myself why am I not following this person, so I came to see for myself. I’m following now. First Elephants are officially my favorite animal on the planet but even more compelling is that you are a really good blogger!


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    A tasket a tisket
    All he brought was a bisket?

    tsk tsk-et


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