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A Duck-Billed Platitude

    AnElephantCant always avoid clichés The artist has mentioned this a million times He gets sick as a parrot All stick and no carrot But the rhymer sometimes needs one for a rhyme We know the doodler has oodles … Continue reading

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So I just present Phil ‘s angle on life and love For you to ponder    

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Ducks and Drakes

  AnElephantCant understand duckies Though he thinks they’re remarkable birds A cute lady duck With aplomb and with pluck Shakes her tail and says much more than words Where there is a pair there is always a third duck Who … Continue reading

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An Elephant Cant – but you can

If you would like to hear a strange man read the silly poem below then click on link. There are more of Phil’s great images there.   An Elephant can live in the jungle An Elephant can live in a zoo He … Continue reading

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Fishy Tales and Fishy Toes

  AnElephantCant say that he fancies His feet being nibbled by fish He isn’t too sure But this pedicure Is perhaps just a little bit kitsch It’s the latest in beauty craze treatments Garra Rufa fish munch on your toes … Continue reading

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The girls in summer dresses Are strolling in the streets The man you ask the questions Hands out answers just like sweets But he answers you in riddles That don’t make any sense And the girls all merge together In … Continue reading

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Le Quatorze Juillet

  Aux armes, citoyens ! Formez vos bataillons ! Marchons ! Marchons ! Qu’un sang impur Abreuve nos sillons ! Vive La France!

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The Spirit of Goma

My friend the artist Views life quite differently And paints as he sees

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The Elephants of Uist

    Once upon a time long long ago a great many elephants lived happily on the vast African grasslands. But the elephants of one tribe were less happy than the others. This was because they did not like too … Continue reading

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dream trickles

  as the morning light softly dispels the shades of the night which linger carelessly behind small buildings under verdant trees beneath tumbled hedgerows so the waking mind anxiously futilely forlornly follows the cloudy fragments of a dream as it … Continue reading

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