The Lovelorn Lepidopterist


once upon a time
I saw a butterfly
whimsically twinkling
through the brightly hued garden
of life
making me smile
brightening my existence
alighting for but a moment
on each flower in my soul
eclipsing the radiance of each petal
nurturing my wonder
giving pleasure

 * * *

by her very nature
her joy-bringing was ephemeral
but in that brief second
I savoured her magic
her elegance
her effortless grace
and I was lifted by her beauty

 * * *

what a gift she inspired
just by being
what a gift to teach
with no word
the purest of all of life’s lessons
that which you cherish
but for a fragment of an instant
enriches for all eternity

 * * *

I held her for that fraction
watched the colours fade
too fast
released her
with a smile
with a tear
of a sudden
the saddest lesson
of them all

* * *

 you cannot love a butterfly
by pinning it to a wall

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7 Responses to The Lovelorn Lepidopterist

  1. LuAnn says:

    Absolutely beautiful…loved it. 🙂


  2. Christina ~ says:

    Reblogged this on reconstructingchristina and commented:
    Many months ago I was speaking to AnElephant, please don’t think me daft or loony for I often speak to this particular Elephant. He spoke of writing about butterflies…then he did. I certainly should have known AnElephant could never forget! I am most assuredly tardy in my reblogging of his exquisite ethereal most excellent poem about butterflies…this is my way of saying thank you good sir…for being with me from the beginning…your steadfastness in friendship and sticking with me when I was only posting famous quotes.
    You are by far my favorite most entertaining, loveable, brilliant, witty, remarkable Rhymster, fantastically funny, satirically silly Elephant! It is my honor to share this with my friends here at my blog-home. Huge hugs sweet friend! ~


  3. Your verse beckoned
    I read your poem
    written so well
    comment ?
    words won’t come
    but …
    a tear fell x


  4. mixedupmeme says:

    If we all would just take more time to look. We miss so much.


  5. pennycoho says:

    Congratulations. Delicate and light, you captured the essence perfectly and poetically described that which is usually felt but not spoken! 🙂


  6. Christina ~ says:

    Oh!!! 😀 You wrote about butterflies…and so exquisitely!!! I was just absolutely lost in the beauty of your wordsmithing…very well written good sir….very very very well written!! 😀


  7. ~Lady Day says:

    I love this so so much. It is beautiful beyond words ❤


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