A Marriage of Inconvenience

The ice was cracked and spiky

The glass was smashed and green

The water black and filthy

But her hands were soft and clean

He was tall and wore a soft felt hat

He stood in front of the TV

No one could see the wedding scene

So they turned to torture me

The bride was bathed and lovely

Her lingerie was white and fresh

The window was wide open

So I watched her as she dressed

He was in a smoked-glass limousine

We hadn’t met in twenty years

When they replayed the honeymoon

The men were all reduced to tears

A cloakroom overflowing

With hats and scarves and gloves

Our long black coats showed danger signs

As they dragged across the dust

She said come back here later

I will take you to my room

There were cats and kittens everywhere

She thought I was the groom

She said she’d have them all removed

I will make it spick and span

If you will lie with me tonight

You will always be my man

I was too old to be there

I left quietly while she slept

The sky was dark the stars were bright

I was happy yet I wept

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5 Responses to A Marriage of Inconvenience

  1. I liked that! Thank you 🙂


  2. Christina ~ says:

    Most interesting…different, unique. I like different…and I like unique 🙂


  3. mixedupmeme says:

    Whether this poem is glad or sad I really could not care
    But why did you have to draw the girl with such straight stringy hair?


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