Mmmm, You See ’em

AnElephantCant contain his enthusiasm
For Scotland’s new National Museum
He can’t tell you enough
About all the great stuff
You won’t believe all these things till you see ‘em

It is a great place to go with a youngster
So many things to make AnElephant laugh
When you’re only 7
It is kinda like heaven
To see a rhinoceros with someone quite daft

The Museum is a paradise for children
Some things are simple and some more complex
Beasts that leap beasts that creep
Dolly the Sheep
And a life-sized model of the fearsome T Rex

There is a model of our solar system
Without Pluto we report somewhat sorrily
But now it’s been struck off
Redesignated a dwarf
This is an up-to-date extraordinary orrery

You can see here The Chessmen from Lewis
And a car Jackie Stewart made go faster
The Grand Gallery for thinking
With a fountain for drinking
And a Gemini Space Capsule from NASA

There is a steam engine designed by James Watt
Which pumped water for 98 years
Claymores and flintlocks
Grandfather clocks
The Maiden, a guillotine, to end your worst fears

There are space suits and mummies and tigers
A robot that can spell out your name
Antlers and horns
Looms weaving with yarn
And a 200-year old steam train

We end on a note of controversy
Although we always try hard to behave well
We thought everyone had ‘em
Except obviously Adam
But does Dolly the Sheep have a navel?

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3 Responses to Mmmm, You See ’em

  1. pennycoho says:

    Except for poor pluto it appears this museum has everything. It would be wonderful to be there in person but your photographs display what a great treat Scotlands National Museum must be. What a excellent way to learn and enjoy the feeling of being a part of your country’s great history. 🙂


  2. Francina says:

    Another reason to visit Edinburgh again when I look at your photos and read your words. Thank you for sharing this one.
    Ciao, Francina


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