Flying Spaghetti Monster for MeMe

AnElephantCant hide his admiration
For Pastafarians –  they make us look sane
They are fairly benign
But Intelligent Design
Makes them laugh till their sides have a pain

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Is a protest against misleading their youth
A small revolution
In support of evolution
They think that schools should be teaching the truth

The  Flying Spaghetti Monster is brilliant
A real challenge for AnElephant’s doodles
This remarkable deity
Causes laughter and gaiety
He looks a lot like a meatball with noodles

AnElephantCant make up this great stuff
It all comes from the US of A
What makes us most glad
And proves they aren’t mad
They celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day

AnElephantCant just accept what they tell us
But here’s a message we would like to keep brief
While we may or may not
Doubt the Celestial Teapot
We defend everyone’s right to their own cosmic belief

Now religion is a sensitive area
In Scotland it can cause serious trouble
We may be a bit daft
We prefer a good laugh
To make all of our wobbly bits wobble

This blog is for friend MixedUpMeMe
Who AnElephant thinks is adorable
But he can’t convince her
That his words are sincere
She always says that his rhymes are deplorable!

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4 Responses to Flying Spaghetti Monster for MeMe

  1. Christina ~ says:

    My mind just had great great fun imagining a flying spaghetti monster!!! How cool are you? LOL 😀


  2. Surly she won’t be able to resist this beautiful post dedicated just to her! 🙂


    • mixedupmeme says:

      mybeautfulthings is right. I resist no more. And I would respond appropriately except my mouth is full of pasta. 🙂

      Clever, funny and delightful as usual. We never know what to expect when we visit anelephantwhocant, but know we will always be entertained and always coming back.


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