Poetic Injustice

AnElephantCant always write sensibly
AnElephantCant stick to the rules
It’s not what he’s got
But what he’s not got
That makes AnElephant amazingly cool

He’s not got a clue about poetry
Or iambic pentameters and stuff
He can be quite absurd
Searching for the right word
And his scansion is sometimes quite appallingly rough

But he is good at rewrites and research
He will jot down a ditty and reread it
He gets quite a boost
When he finds le mot juste
And his memory is encyclopaedic

He has studied the legends of literature
Roald Dahl and of course Dr Seuss
He would be undiscombobulated
If just one time he emulated
These giants but he runs out of juice

It’s not easy being a poetic pachyderm
The task that he faces is mammoth
Now look what he’s done
By just having fun
He has run out of rhyme so enough is enough

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6 Responses to Poetic Injustice

  1. nightlake says:

    lovely! enjoyed your poem a lot on Penny’s blog contest. sympathized and felt sorry for the victim’s husband..


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    There is a lot of poetry here in the blog world. I tell you I can’t understand most of it. 😦

    Probably something wrong with me. I will read comments from others about poetry and I am thinking…..I sure didn’t get that from that poem.

    I am not sure I always understand your poetry either. LOL But somehow it always makes sense and always makes me laugh. 😉


  3. pennycoho says:

    Your poetry is bloody wonderful. Whether it be whimsy and poking fun, or being serious and creatively inspirational for others with your words (you do that you know, right?) Your words are a joy to read Brian, Anelephantcan’t stop, he must continue to be who and how he is for those who care and look forward to same! (not to mention the clever illustrations and beautiful photographs and well written words. There, and that’s how I feel about things! Penny


  4. xcomart says:

    this poet should be tacydermed at least twice


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