Oh Flower of Scotland!

Andy wins!

And he wins his first major!

He beats world number 1 Novak Djokovic, who lost with the all grace, dignity and generosity of spirit of a true champion. Well done, Novak, a great player and a great guy!

Andy follows on from his annihilation of Roger Federer to win Olympic Gold only weeks ago.

AnElephantCant help be delighted
At Oor Andra’s well-deserved success
We knew that he could
Cos we knew he was good
Now he has shown that he can be the best

So down in BBC land he will no longer be Sots, but British.

But he knows, as we know, the truth.

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1 Response to Oh Flower of Scotland!

  1. xcomart says:

    ne´er a truer mot whit got big andra wis bein a sot


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