The Best of Times, The Worst of Rhymes

AnElephantCant forget the old days
When summers were long and hot
He was young strong and immortal
And time stood still or so he thought

But the future grows forever smaller
The past gets greater every day
The present moves each time we breathe
Each second crawls its lonely way

Time presents us with a challenge
Fills each one with deep down doubt
We know that with each passing moment
The sands are close to running out

It is nearly fifty years ago
That Bobby told us in his poem
Nothing ever stays the same
Times change and the waters have grown

Jim Croce tried to preserve it
In a bottle and a beautiful song
But time moved far too fast for him
Sadly Jim is now long gone

The Stones thought Time was on their side
But still it trickles past
It pauses not for any man
Not even Jumping Jack Flash

No point watching that second hand
It will just leave you deranged
You check the wall look at your wrist
You find time has already changed

And so AnElephant has to leave
The end of his poor rhyme
He’d like to write another verse
But he has run out of time …….

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3 Responses to The Best of Times, The Worst of Rhymes

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    anelephantcant made a rhyme
    Could we ask for anything more
    He has a special style
    That all of us adore

    He works so very hard
    It really is a chore
    Yet everything he writes
    Well we’ve heard it all before

    I’m going to beg and beg
    And him I do implore
    If he’s not making rhymes
    Would he try not to snore


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    this is just too cool!
    very good…


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