Mediterranean Meditations

AnElephantCant deny that his favourite
Is the wondrous Mediterranean Sea
He states it quite plainly
That she is the main sea
Who unfailingly entertains he

Its most westerly point is Gibraltar
Which Britain long ago just stole from Spain
From Malaga to Tarragona
The Costa is so buena
And Barcelona has no plain so no rain

La Med Francaise he adores like a lady
From Perpignan he heads north and east
Marseille’s bouillabaisse feast
The artists’ delight in Cassis
Through Juan-les-Pins Antibes Cannes all so Nice

In Italia it is all quite magnifico
There’s Rapallo a beautiful town
Under the azzurro sky
You see Naples and die
Then there is Venice the jewel in the crown

The islands of Greece lie before you
Their beauty is so hard to beat
If you visit Corfu
You’ll find nothing snafu
Then hear the myths and the legends of Crete

Now AnElephant only does Europe
Though he has found some new friends in Turkey
Great delight and great pleasure
The gateway to Asia
But now it’s time to end all this malarkey

On the south shore lies the ancient Dark Continent
AnElephant doesn’t like to be brusque
But Egypt to Algeria
He finds worrisome and scarier
Because in Africa some folk still want his tusk

Now AnElephantCant help loving The Med
But he is not a crazy one-sea fanatic
He also likes the Tyrrhenian
Balearics and Aegean
And of course Rocky II’s wife Adriatic

AnElephant is sure that his reader is wondering
If he has to row his own boat like poor Michael
No don’t be so daft
No yacht and no raft
You just use our cool Med-o-tri-cycle

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6 Responses to Mediterranean Meditations

  1. emmylgant says:

    That is just plain brilliant!
    Comment ça se fait que je n’ai rien dit avant? Que fait le gouvernement!?


  2. LuAnn says:

    I don’t know what to say, a history lesson and humor entwined in a poem! How do you do this?! 🙂


  3. mixedupmeme says:

    Dusting off the atlas.


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