The Tickle Song

The Tickle Song (click to listen)

Your second-favourite Elephant wrote this a couple of years ago in cahoots with a 4 year old
dragon-hunting mammoth-catcher with a super-hydrosonic secret magic stick gun.

It never hurts to bring some form of intelligence to a creative venture.


It’s just so nice to tickle and be tickled
Sometimes gentle sometimes rough
It’s great when you squeal when you wriggle when you laugh
It’s just fun to tickle the one you always love

Well, I like to tickle your fingers 
And….. I like to tickle your toes 
I really like to tickle under your chinny chin chin 
And I just love to tickle your nose 


Then … I do like to tickle your elbow 
And I just love to tickle your wee thumb 
Most of all I like to tickle your tickliest tickly bit 
Then I like to tickle your …….. TUM! 


Repeat verses and chorus until all giggles exhausted. 
Please feel free to add your own or your child’s favourite 
tickly bits. 
(A bit like ‘The wheels on the bus’, just make up as many verses 
as you can manage before hysteria sets in). 
Good luck. 

By AnElephantCant and Jack Steel 
Copyright 2009 AnElephantCant Productions 
Recorded and performed by Andy Brownlie (see link to his music)
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10 Responses to The Tickle Song

  1. emmylgant says:

    That song tickled my funny bone. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thanks for the post for composing “The Tickle Song | anelephantcant”.
    Imay certainly wind up being coming back for even more reading through and
    commenting in the near future. I am grateful, Micki


  3. ~Lady Day says:

    okay..this cuteness is too much, lol. Aw. I love it.


  4. LuAnn says:

    I love the tickle song but especially the photo. 🙂


  5. pennycoho says:

    That is completely adorable and awesome. Anelephant can’t deny this. Just simply wonderful! Penny 🙂


  6. mixedupmeme says:

    Listened and enjoyed. And listened to others too. How fortunate you are to have a lovely grandson who invites you to birthday parties. 🙂


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