Europe vs USA – This Time it’s Nonsensical

AnElephantCant claim to be sporty
His hand/eye co-ordination is rank
He can’t run or jump
On a bike he’s a chump
But he can take on the world at petanque

AnElephantCant win many contests
But believe us at this he is cool
With beret sur la tete
He’ll take every bet
He is pure magic at lobbing les boules

The rules of the game are quite simple
You need a tree and a glass of pastis
The tree is for shade
Because petanque is best played
Anywhere between Marseilles and Nice

But it is ok in USA or Scotland
Whenever two amis get together
But it is pure folly
To forget your brolly
Because here we can depend on the weather

It isn’t like Football or Soccer
Or Baseball or Hockey on ice
It has special appeal
Being somewhat tranquille
And there is no need to be in any way precise

So AnElephant issues this challenge
Will anyone out there heed the call?
We try to be nice
So a word of advice
It is better if you do not heid* the ball

Does the USA fancy its chances
To reverse all your Ryder Cup woes
We’ll teach you the rules
And whup you at boules
Just make sure that you don’t break your toes
Or nose

*heid is Scots for head. Ok, Meme?

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2 Responses to Europe vs USA – This Time it’s Nonsensical

  1. pennycoho says:

    I have just a simple thought here. Cheers to Meme for the perfect comment! 🙂 🙂


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