Violence is Golden


AnElephantCant keep it a secret
He is a real mammoth fan of Sean Connery
And this is not
Just because he’s a Scot
But his status as a legend is honorary 

(Well, what do you expect? Why don’t you find a good rhyme for Connery?)

The original and surely the best Bond
He defined 007 for many
With his lethal side arm
He had great looks and charm
Eshpeshially when he shaid Mish MoneyPenny

There were a host of impostors who followed
Among them the wimp Roger Moore
Sadly lacking in brawn
Not a patch on our Sean
Who was something of an acting Force Majeure

Then there was the unfortunate George Lazenby
The less said about him the better
And Brosnan that’s Pierce
More foppish than fierce
They just all got wetter and wetter

There are probably some others forgotten
AnElephant can sometimes be vague
But he is assured
By ladies young and mature
There is not too much wrong with Daniel Craig

But AnElephant has a bit of a problem
These movies are not made here for spacemen
They make serious money
By trying to be funny
When they are really more about product placement

 We know of the power of the dollar
In businesses that make people dead
AnElephant opens his eyes
And ignores this franchise
He thinks he’ll watch Dumbo instead


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2 Responses to Violence is Golden

  1. LuAnn says:

    Yes, Sean Connery is my favorite but I must admit to drooling a bit when Daniel Craig removes his shirt. 🙂


  2. Alastair says:

    AnElephant missed the one who I think was the worst second only to Lazenby – Timothy Dalton. He is a good actor, just not as Bawned, Jamesh Bawned.

    Personally though, I like Craig. You can’t beat the original and best, but to Craig comes a close second as they have gone back to the way that he was originally.


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