AnElephantCant Swear Like a Trooper

AnElephantCant use bad language
Even when he gets somewhat irate
He abstains from both
A cuss and an oath
Preferring to say something appropriate

So he likes to consider his options
And to reply sensibly and quite slowly
Despite what it seems
He does not blaspheme
Though he occasionally will say Holy Moly

In French you can charm any lady
Just whisper cointreau and you will go far
They say Ma Foi or
Perhaps Zut Alors
In exceptional case Ooh la la!

In German they say Donner und Blitzen
When they reach the end of their tether
We don’t know what it means
But it’s not rude it seems
It has something to do with the weather

In Italy the romance is widespread
Bella cara music to the ear
But when they get intense
Angry or incensed
They resort to the sweet Mama Mia!

But our USA friends are the worstest
Sometimes their language really sucks
Such foul-mouthed slang
As shoot wow and dang
And even the ear-numbing shucks

There are some expressions in Scottish
Which may well burn a foreigner’s ear lobe
We don’t say Good Heavens
But Och Jings and Crivvens
And if excited we exclaim Help ma Boab!

So this is the lesson we teach here
Try not to be rude but more jolly
In times of great stress
There’s no need for excess
You can always say oh my gosh and golly

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1 Response to AnElephantCant Swear Like a Trooper

  1. LuAnn says:

    I don’t know enough foreigners who have been angry to compare, but I would have to agree that I have encountered many from the US whose language has made me cringe.


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