AnElephantCant Talk Nonsense


I thought I saw a pumpkin
But it could have been a starling
Then I took
Another look
And saw it was a Penny Farthing

I told my little brother
That mummy was a spaceman
He flew his plane
Out in the rain
And drank custard in the basement

We jumped onto a tractor
To see where it would drag us
The driver laughed
Get off my raft
Then became a three-winged haggis

My father was a plumber
Put ferrets down a drain
The magistrate
Ate cake and dates
Said his cuff links were insane

A monolingual butler
Translated for the Queen
Urdu to Czech
In dialect
And sailed a green baked bean

And so to the beginning
It all starts to make good sense
To mascara and midges
And buses and budgies
And a sausage with three or four ends

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4 Responses to AnElephantCant Talk Nonsense

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    nonsense is one of those strange things
    the more you write the more readers it brings


  2. Alastair says:

    Brilliant 😀


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