Remember Remember the Fifth of November

AnElephantCant explain to non-British
Just why we celebrate the Fifth of November
Every school kid is told
About this scoundrel of old
And we are told to Remember Remember

In 1605 he got involved in
What is known as The Gunpowder Plot
Now this is the thing
He tried to blow up the King
Some folk thought he really should not

So poor Guy got hanged for his trouble
To teach him not to rouse the Royal ire
But his failure still irks
So we set off fireworks
And have fun with chestnuts and bonfires

Yes each year he is reburnt in effigy
For some reason a cause for celebration
Now this part is funny
We make a daft dummy
And sit him atop a great conflagration

We commemorate the sad end of Guy Fawkes
Who bit off more than he could indeed chew
He snuck under Westminster
To do something sinister
Oh Guy where are you when we need you?

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6 Responses to Remember Remember the Fifth of November

  1. pennycoho says:

    Even us relatively poor historically minded Americans are familiar with Guy Fawkes (alias John Johnson) day. It was my understanding as is often the way of these historical happenings, what he really managed to do was (“p”..s off those in power by) hooking up with the wrong people at the wrong time and being the most immediately easy to catch, torture and display, just my take on things though. It’s not easy being King, although sometimes it can be good to be the king (last word and all that sort of thing). Two sides to the coin I guess. I loved the poem, btw! 🙂


  2. Oh, how I completely do not miss Bonfire night! I did used to think we were celebrating Guy Fawkes and his fellow plotters – I might be a bit slow in the history department 😉


  3. Alastair says:

    AnElephant has said this in a a way I couldn’t have put it better. 🙂


  4. Clanmother says:

    I almost forget – November 5, 2012 is Guy Fawkes day. I’m in Canada so am only on November 4th – I have time to prepare for the event…


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