Fart for Fart’s sake

AnElephantCant get mad with his readers
Although both of you have already been told
AnElephant’s great joy
Is a creative wild boy
Yep his best friend is only seven years old

He is way more grown up than the Elephant
And smarter by a long Scottish mile
He does more than his share
He takes very good care
Of this Elephant with a laugh and a smile

Yesterday AnElephant asked Did you fart Jack
He answered No with a big evil grin
An obvious white lie
The question is why
Nothing else can make that sort of din

I think you did – so daft to pursue this
Ah no and this is what he stated
If you are so smart
You’d know that wasn’t a fart
You would know that I have just communicated

So your scribe was now slightly confounded
And he is not usually easily confused
Can you please explain
Exactly what you mean
Ands why you are so clearly amused

Jack says a fart’s not a fart when a fish does it
He explains that it’s all about mackerel
They communicate
When their bottoms vibrate
And he tells me their farts lack a smell

There is no way AnElephant can confirm this
He can’t tell Jack’s mum what was said
She’d just say oh boys
Cut out the daft noise
Or no supper and straight up to bed

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12 Responses to Fart for Fart’s sake

  1. Anja says:

    This made me laugh!!! After I read your poem today, this one was shown as something similar. Glad I came this way to read it.


  2. I can respect a man who composed not one, but two poems about this magnificent international pastime. I loved this one by the way.


  3. Rishal says:

    AElephantCan get smelly thoughts I see..what with the long nose business…


  4. Cara Olsen says:

    Is there anything more delightful than casual flatulence? I don’t think there is . . .

    “They communicate
    When their bottoms vibrate
    And he tells me their farts lack a smell” ~ LOL

    Thank you for cheer-up this morning; I needed one!

    ~ Cara


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