David Versus Goliath – Round Two

AnElephantCant claim to like fitba’
That’s soccer in the US of A
But on Wednesday night
To great Scottish delight
Something happened to make him say hooray

Now Celtic the best team in Scotland
Played Barcelona the best in the world
All experts at a glance
Said they haven’t a chance
But an extraordinary story unfurled

Now football is all about money
And in Scotland times are invariably hard
But a local 18-year old
Scored the winning goal
And Barca were put to the sword

This laddie cost £50K from Airdrie
He came on as a sub to astound
Barca then brought on two
And this is quite true
They each cost 30 million pounds

Now there is a moral attached to this story
And you know AnElephant would never lieth
So regardless of gods
And no matter the odds
Isn’t it cool that David can still beat Goliath

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1 Response to David Versus Goliath – Round Two

  1. Alastair says:

    AnElephant tells the truth there. It’s always fun to watch an underdog take down a biggie.


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