Gourock Gourock So Good They Named It Once

AnElephantCant help but wonder
What if some of these great songs were written
Not in the US of A
But some place far away
Such as Scotland the northern part of Great Britain

Only 24 Hours from Thurso*
That would take you down past Drumnadrochit**
It isn’t that far
By bus or by car
In fact you could gey nearly walk it

If you’re going to Lesmahagow***
Be sure to wear a crash helmet o’er your hair
It’s not that it’s rough
The folk aren’t so tough
But you get farmers with shotguns down there

My kind of town Kilmarnock**** is
Where they used to bottle the famous Johnnie Walker
But the factory is closed
Killie folk are morose
They think it’s a bit of a shocker

Do you know the way to Kirkcaldy*****
I wouldn’t go there if I was you
It is over in Fife
So it’s not a great life
But go down to the Forth and you can get a nice view

Gourock Gourock****** they only named it once
Gourock Gourock that is betterer than nonce
The folk get all merry
When they get on the ferry
But that is something AnElephant shuns

If you are happy to have finished this nonsense
AnElephant has some pretty bad news
There will be a part two
Coming soon to a blog somewhere near you
And that is why they call it the blues

*  Way, way up north, not far from John o’ Groats
** On Loch Ness, a favourite haunt of Nessie spotters
*** Pretty dull sort of place, noteworthy only for:
a) having the same number of syllables as, and rhyming with, San Francisco
b) Spelling Wogahamsel backwards
**** Was once a thriving industrial town, now pretty much closed
***** Famous for linoleum. Sorry.
****** You can get a ferry to Dunoon, where the world-famous******* Highland games are held
******* Well, world-famous in Scotland********
******** Country in the northern part of Great Britain *********
********* nah, that’s it now, puffed out

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16 Responses to Gourock Gourock So Good They Named It Once

  1. I’ve never been to Dunoon. All the other places, but never Dunoon. Now i need to, just to complete the poem tour 🙂


  2. There's a frog on my Sprocket! says:

    This is lovely… Thank you for dropping by my blog. Had you not I would not have found yours and your amazing poetry! Your the very very best.


    • AnElephantCant help thinking
      This lady is awfully kind
      She is quite absurd
      With these wonderful words
      Perhaps she is absolutely totally unbelievably charmingly delightfully happily flatteringly mammothly enchantingly out of her mind

      Or maybe she is just nice.
      Thank you.


      • There's a frog on my Sprocket! says:

        Welcome, and I am all of the above plus adorable…
        Thanks for the love,


        • AnElephantCant tell you how sorry he is
          What he did was quite deplorable
          He knew you were neat
          And awfully sweet
          But he simply forgot that you were adorable


          • There's a frog on my Sprocket! says:

            There are so many great things I could say about you
            How amazing and cool, and each word would be true.
            But at last a poet I am not
            For words that rhyme take a lot!
            So I’m left say one last woe
            And leave it at this, there maybe something’s an elephant can’t do,
            But winning my love isn’t one, you see I love you!


          • There's a frog on my Sprocket! says:

            Greetings friend,
            I wanted to inform you that I nominated you for The R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Blog Award. It’s special, for a blog special like yours. For information about the Award and the award image stop by my post. R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Blog Award
            I’m glad that I know you and am a part of your blogging family!


  3. mixedupmeme says:

    Opened Google Maps as I was really curious
    Map of the world took up a lot of space

    Starting was in Texas destination Scotland
    Come to find out there was no such place


    • AnElephantCant keep it a secret
      Meme has sussed his diabolical plot
      His trunk is unfurled
      He cannot take over the world
      There are many things he is but a Scot he is not

      He only exists out in etherland
      He has practically no substance at all
      He is only a figment
      Although quite a big one
      Oh Meme why do I love you at all?


  4. LuAnn says:

    Thanks for the references at the end or I may have left here scratching my head. Now I think I can handle Part Two!


  5. Alastair says:

    AnElephant is certainly giving a geography lesson for us 🙂 I look forward to part two


    • Oh Alastair AnElephantCant answer
      But he sadly has run out of rhyme
      He had forgotten
      To start at the bottom
      So he will most certainly honestly truthfully genuinely really really really try very hard to start responding to the earliest comment first next time


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