Beautiful Big Bouquet of Bizarre Bloggers

This image courtesy of The Amazing Meme

AnElephantCant explain what attracts him
To bloggers of various styles
Some are funny some are rude
Some are just awfully good
And some just wreathe AnElephant’s face in big smiles

AnElephant just loves KittyDrunkDrunk
She is crazy as a demented frog
As mad as a hatter
And you will get splattered
If you go there and pretend you’re a dog

AnElephant is a big fan of Penny
Over there at TheWhyAboutThis
So caring and wise
She seems jolly nice
Her blog is cool and she says neat things about his

There is a feisty young Scots lass he follows
She has children perhaps four or five
Her humour is black
She won’t take a step back
A wee giant is MySoCalledDutchLife

Some blogs are more elegantly poetic
LadyDay writes haunting original words
Then there is wonderful Francina
And ReconstructingChristina
Who is beautiful and creates inspirational verse

MyBeautifulThings should also be mentioned
ClanMother and LuAnn could charm elves
But this is absurd
Don’t take AnElephant’s word
Go surfing and check them all out yourselves

Everyone knows AnElephant’s favourite is Meme
She is Mixed Up but her rhymes are the mostest
She has the voice of an angel
And if she is somewhat deranged well
Nobody’s perfect but she comes the closest

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29 Responses to Beautiful Big Bouquet of Bizarre Bloggers

  1. this is so fun! i am glad to have found this, and i enjoyed this ditty very much! z


  2. Finally got time to respond to this honour of a mention (new post, just for you today). I stopped counting how many children, eventually…x


  3. boomiebol says:

    This is brilliant


  4. nightlake says:

    this is a lovely tribute to your favourite bloggers..know half of them and would like to visit the other bloggers too:)


  5. Christina ~ says:

    First I must apologize for being remiss in my visits to my favorite Rhymster…I am more than honored to be in such splenderific company…and to be in your thoughts as one who could be inspirational. You never fail to make me smile and all ways remind me of my favorite other Rhymster….the infamous Dr. Seuss…thank you sweet sweet Elephant!! Hugs! ~


    • AnElephantCant conceal his delightment
      He is ecstatiful no ifs and no buts
      If you want to inquisit it
      It’s because Christina has visited
      Which makes him happier than a gimahugormous plate of peanuts

      Hugs Hugs Hugs


      • Christina ~ says:

        I already knew AnElephant was brilliant…but I have to say I love love LOVE the word gimahugormous to which he gets all the credit!!! It has now become my newest bestest most favoritest word ever!! 😀 !!! Ginormous Heffleump Hugs!!


        • The lovely Christina should be keeping a tally
          She can be sure AnElephant will remember
          If he should ever meet her
          When he goes to greet her
          Collecting these hugs will be top of his agenda


  6. Clanmother says:

    My dear AnElephantCant – how did you know that I speak with elves? And I have fairy dust on my shelves (did you notice that elves and shelves sound alike – maybe there is a poem in me somewhere) My favourite author – J.R.R. Tolkien gave me good advice on how to deal with elves: “Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both yes and no.” I am certain that he believed that Elephants were much more trustworthy…


  7. There's a frog on my Sprocket! says:

    AnElephant has put up a great list of blogs that I’m excited to read. You have shown some great bloggers to me. Thank you for passing this along but mostly for acquainting me with so many great blogs.


  8. pennycoho says:

    Wow! Just wonderful. I agree with all of the comments of your fellow (?) bloggers, A most excellent post. A special thanks to Meme, I know she inspires you “as she should”, such a creative and clever blogger she is, and far too modest about this! Thanks again, my friend! 🙂


  9. I wish I could reply in verse too! I am honoured to be included in this poem and to find myself in such lovely company. There are a couple of new ones there too so I’ll be going along to see who has been similarly honoured!
    Thank you very much Anelephant! 🙂


  10. LuAnn says:

    AnElephant has written another wonderful poem and has just made this fair lady’s day! You never fail to put a smile on my face. 😀


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  12. mixedupmeme says:

    meme is happy and oh so thrilled
    to be on such a distinguished list
    she does declare she was not aware
    that so many could even exist

    meme finds it amusing but not confusing
    as she inspects the list with her specs
    the big bouquet of bizarre bloggers
    seem to be all of the fairer sex


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