Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

“Pain” by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant pretend to understand
About art he can’t draw or paint
His friend Phil has the talent
He is not being gallant
He does words so he has no complaint

But Phil is off taking the sunshine
In some paradise isle in the Med
It has to be nicer
Than the snow and the ice here
This Elephant’s tootsies are cold even in bed

An artist can make an impression
Every picture can depict a story
With minimalist appliance
He can abstract compliance
And be deco-rated in symbolic glory

Art has so many means of expression
Nouveau or pop depending how you feel
Some folk can go gaga
Over cubism or dada
AnElephant finds it all slightly surreal

The scribbler sits sharpening his pencil
It is the best it is the worst of times
He knows he’s no Dickens
But still the plot thickens
The rhymer has to keep finding new rhymes

Or he can continue to recycle old ones
He can re-use many happy returns
He sheds a wee tear here
The irony is clear here
It is the artist whose surname is Burns

But AnElephant toils over his keyboard
Still churning out verse after verse
To his great delight
His readers both like
The images that he creates with his words

The Subject  “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” is a quote by Pablo Picasso

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17 Responses to Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

  1. nightlake says:

    made an interesting reading..Painting is a special art too and you are right about a picture depicting a story


  2. LuAnn says:

    I don’t know how AnElephant can continue the rhymes like he does. I am most impressed and love whoever is doing the doodling. Who can take credit for the drawing in this post?


  3. pennycoho says:

    A very pleasurable read. I enjoyed this very much, thank you, 🙂


  4. mixedupmeme says:

    I always seem to get here late
    ‘Cause I like leaving the best til last
    To enjoy the rhymes and anelephantcant’s charms
    After all the crowd has past

    Do not shed a tear for meme is here
    To lend for cold toes her shaw
    She’s having fun in the warm Texas sun
    Sipping lemonade and saying HA HA


  5. Alastair says:

    AnElephant certainly makes some brilliant rhymes and awesome doodles. Whenever I see your name come up in my emails, I know it’ll be a good post. AnElephant should definitely keep up the good work.


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