Fender Bender in November

AnElephantCant deny that November
Of all the months is probably the strangest
Although it contains his birthday
For what it is worth he
Considers it the scariest and certainly most dangerous

For a start its name is a misnomer
It should really be called Elevember
Cos the Romans elected
To bung in two extra
For some dudes that AnElephantCant remember

Okay Julius liked to pop out and conquer
And Augustus was a pretty fierce Caesar
Perhaps they were cool
Back when Rome liked to rule
But you can’t name a month after every crowd pleaser

You may remember in November we have Guy Fawkes
When we build bonfires and burn him in effigy
When bangers and rockets
Burn holes in our pockets
Metaphorically and if not careful then literally

RLS and AnElephant share a birthday
A cause for gimahugormous celebration
That word may be daft
But it makes Christina laugh
The thirteenth is a day for congratulations and felicitatious appreciation

The month ends on the day of St Andrew
Not the golf course but Scotland’s Patron Saint
It lands on the thirtieth
When the weather is dirtiest
So like Braveheart we adorn our features with woad or blue paint

So November is not a month to remember
And next up of course is December
We have not got much time
To think up some good rhymes
Or AnElephant may well get dismembered

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11 Responses to Fender Bender in November

  1. how funny, especially meme’s comments!


  2. pennycoho says:

    This is wonderful. As I enjoyed the entire well composed piece it is very difficult to chose a verse or a line that I especially liked. From the title to the closing line just great! Thanks, Penny


  3. Thank you for stopping and liking a recent post. I look forward to following your blog of poetry and images.

    Take care,



  4. mixedupmeme says:

    Just a few more days to endure November
    And you’ve less than me you know
    You are posting here on the 19th
    I on the 18th .. clock must be slow


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