Without the Rain There Would be No Rainbow

AnElephantCant help thinking
When it rains here everything gets a bit soggy
It isn’t like Spain
Where it rains mainly on the plain
Here it rains in the park and makes it all rather boggy

We have 7,943 words to describe our bad weather
Like bracing and baltic and brisk
And nippy and snell
Brass Monkeys as well
And parky and bowfin’ and dreich

All but the last two mean it is really cold out
They mean it’s quite awful and wet
And miserable and smirry
And well kind of blurry
But now the sun’s out that’s as good as it gets

So these pics give a clue how it is here
AnElephant snapped them before the light began dimming
This may come as a shock
But that isn’t a loch
It is a puddle where the seagulls are swimming

These water hazards are 100 metres in length
That may take a bit of believing
But that’s the distance between
The goalposts that are seen
That’s why AnElephant calls this town Damperton-upon-Leven

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24 Responses to Without the Rain There Would be No Rainbow

  1. Christina ~ says:

    I was going to comment on AnElephants wittiful poem….perhaps in rhyme….even though I don’t rhyme well…have hard enough time spelling it :p But then as I scrolled down….yet another treasure did appear….sensibilaciousness…oh yes….I do love love LOVE the words you use…no body..er..no Elephant does it better!! 😀 Hugs ~


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    meme feels distraught with the weather
    which anelephantcant is beset
    she is so sad and feels so bad
    for her little friend and pet

    she wants him to know
    that he should neither cry nor fret
    and of all the words of weather he chose
    the one that fits best is wet


  3. LuAnn says:

    Perhaps AnElephant could send some of his weather our way.
    It hasn’t rained in much of the states in many a day.


  4. ben0610 says:

    I hear that your Bog League is thriving
    Though conditions seem to encourage diving
    May I suggest and I hope that it helps
    Your team goes out and signs Michael Phelps
    And soon at Boghead you’ll be arriving


    • AnElephantCant let this comment pass
      Although he does realise that you are having a laugh
      Boghead as you know
      Was bulldozed long ago
      And Dumbarton Football Club now play at the Bet Butler (formerly the Strathclyde Homes) Stadium, ok, so don’t think AnElephant is daft

      Phew, thought for a moment that might be a struggle …..


  5. Alastair says:

    AnElephant explains very well why they misspelled Bonnie Scotland when it should have been Boggie Scotland 😉


  6. Ah, but with proper drainage, what would be the point of wellies…or waders? 🙂


  7. It’s pretty wet here in Cornwall too! Wish I could put that in clever verse like you do! Take care in all this awful warning filled weather. 🙂


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