A Myth is as Good as a Smile

AnElephant Can fly over the rainbow
He can take you jigging down by Brigadoon
He puts his invisible cloak on
Talks sense to a leprechaun
And eats jam and green cheese from the moon

He visits the North Pole to pop in on Santa
He admires Cinderella’s new dress
He ignores blinkered fools
Loves to dance with werewolves
And plays hide and seek with the monster in Loch Ness

He has fun with all kinds of neat creatures
Climbs high buildings with his cool chum King Kong
He jumps in the pool to
Splash a cute Push-Me-Pull-You
He sings with the loveliest of all that’s the unicorn

He produces great philosophical questions
Why does a giraffe never wear a top hat?
Can you knit with Scotch mist?
Why does Simon Cowell exist?
And he frets about Schrodinger’s cat

He sees fairies at the bottom of his garden
Some folk can’t and he thinks this is tragic
What is even more scary
They don’t get The Tooth Fairy
With imagination our lives can be magic

He knows every night all his toys come to life
And Rag Doll pours green tea for Tin Soldier
So pretend you’re a child
Let your senses run wild
Years may pass but you don’t have to get older

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24 Responses to A Myth is as Good as a Smile

  1. emmylgant says:

    So pretend you’re a child
    And let your senses run wild….
    Yes! three times yes
    And it tribute to Cohen


  2. LuAnn says:

    What a joy to see
    that AnElephant can.
    Now I am more
    than just a mere fan.

    He sees fairies at the bottom
    of his garden plot.
    I’m told I can too,
    I’ve tried, but for naught.

    AnElephant seems
    to connect with all tots.
    That makes me smile,
    lots and lots. 😀


  3. Christina ~ says:

    See!! All ways remind me of my childhood ….and adulthood favorite the ever so fun Dr. Seuss…know why? Because of this ~ With imagination our lives can be magic ~ This brought me a HUGE smile 😀 Hugs ~


    • AnElephantcant help thinking Christina
      Is still a sweet child in her heart
      He bets that her smiles
      Light up the whole world for miles
      When she reads words like bum pooh and fart

      Now AnElephant doesn’t like to be rude
      He really isn’t that sort of dumb creature
      At the risk of rebuttal
      He tries to be subtle
      Because imaginosity is the purest force in all nature


  4. Julianne says:

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!


  5. pennycoho says:

    As always brilliant as the sunlight on a sunny day..doesn’t rhyme but still true! 🙂


  6. emmylgant says:

    I am so glad anElephantCan fly over rainbows,
    and I assume, bounce on clouds
    and swing on the moon…
    Giraffes don’t wear top hats ’cause it’s unbecoming,
    Simon Cowell exists to keep us freaking,
    Shrodinger’s cat has nine lives or is it eighteen?

    I am laughing to loud
    It wrinkles my brow,
    but my grinnin’ is fine.


    • AnElephantCant cross swords with Emmy
      He knows she is as sharp as two knives
      He can trumpet a tune
      And jump over the moon
      But he thinks the cat may have run out of lives

      He thinks a giraffe in a top hat could be elegant
      And you get a big pong from a smelly giant
      He thinks rubber shoes come from a welly plant
      Though this is not at all relevant to AnElephant
      If you think he can do more rhymes – well he can’t


  7. Clanmother says:

    You words are always an inspiration to this Canadian!!!


    • One of AnElephant’s favourite poets (with Uncle Bobby) is a Canadian – Leonard Cohen.
      One of his all-time favourite musicians is Neil Young.
      One of his early inspirations was Buffy Saint-Marie.
      One of his favourite bloggers is the incredible LadyDay – see recent Bouquet of Bloggers post.
      So any inspiration he gives you is a tiny return.
      But thank you, he greatly appreciates your support and kind words.


  8. Alastair says:

    AnElephantCan spin a very good Rhyme
    Especially when it comes to age and time

    Just because you grow older from being a pup
    Doesn’t mean you ever need to fully grow up.

    I can’t quite get these rhymes to go right,
    So apologies for it being somewhat trite

    😉 Great post though


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