Grumpy and Sneezy and Dopey


AnElephantCant stay warm in winter
He has trouble finding bed-socks his size
He needs a giant hotty
To warm his mammoth botty
And his duvet’s a big top in disguise

To wrap up AnElephant is not easy
He has tusks and big ears and a tail
It takes more than aspirin
To stop him a-gasp-er-ing
But on the bright side he is robust and not frail

AnElephantCant shake a head cold
An earache brings great consternation
So when anyone comes near
The thing to most fear
Is the prospect of giant sternutation

Yes when he sneezes it is like a tornado
Or an earthquake and this is the truth
His explosive emissions
Guarantee demolition
Of windows and chimneys and roofs

So AnElephant is best kept indoors
When the sleet and the snow start to fall
A wee drop of toddy*
Safeguards his old body
And brings safety and comfort to all

* A traditional Scottish remedy for just about everything- hot water, sugar and just a splash of whisky
(Meme, a big dollop of whisky, ok)

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9 Responses to Grumpy and Sneezy and Dopey

  1. emmylgant says:

    I am not fond of cold
    If I may be so bold
    As to put in my two cents
    of nonsense
    I simply can’t stay Zen
    My neurons are frozen
    I can’t feel my fingers.
    The icy wind lingers
    Past my patience
    And my endurance.


  2. pennycoho says:

    Can’t help but be curious here, if anelephantcant stay warm, perhaps the Kalahari might be a better spot for him, just saying!


  3. utesmile says:

    I could knit you some extra big booties……. but htey might only be ready by Summer…… 🙂 Sorry


  4. The Dutch are tall, so they have quite big feet – i can score you a pair if you need them 😉


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