Rock-a-Bye Baby Elephant

night night jack

AnElephantCant forget being a youngster
Some memories remain in his head
He remembers his mummy
Scratching his tummy
Saying Edgar it is time for your bed

AnElephant isn’t easily confusable
But this did puzzle him just the same
He would lie in his cot
Thinking just one great thought
Edgar – that isn’t my name

Mummy Elephant was mad as a hatter
You might say she was daft as a brush
If he tried to request
A different form of address
She’d say go to sleep now my baby hush hush

AnElephantCant help himself wondering
Though he tries not to burst Mummy’s bubble
It amazes him greatly
He thinks duplicately
Is this why he’s always in double trouble

Perhaps it’s as well he’s AnElephant
And lots of real people are teenier
But thanks to his mother
He does sometimes suffer
From inferiority and yes schizophrenia

But when he thinks back it is worth it
Although he is sometimes a bit of a dummy
When he goes to bed
And lays down his thick head
He still dreams sweet sweet dreams of his mummy

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18 Responses to Rock-a-Bye Baby Elephant

  1. Belinda Crane says:

    This is beautiful my Elephant Friend. The scars our Mums leave on our hearts when they are taken away from us make them our muse for so much of our deeper writing. Beautiful piece my friend xx


  2. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantcant is twice the fun
    Twice the silly
    Thrice the merry-
    Est elephant I have known
    He rhymes busily
    and quite funnily
    About his troubles
    In doubles.


  3. nightlake says:

    whether it is a big elephant
    or a tiny ant
    no one can forget his mom
    or her voice so calm
    this is your sweet and sad poem
    of an endearing dream


  4. pennycoho says:

    I figured a female better step in and comment before anelephant wondered if the fascination of the fairer sex was fading. Not to worry, your charms are intact. I greatly enjoyed this piece, especially his remembering his mummy! 🙂


    • AnElephantCant ever forget Mummy
      Or all the sweet things that she said
      Now he stays up too late
      He does procrastinate
      Because he has no one to send him to bed


      • pennycoho says:

        Sigh, such a problem Anelephant has
        Or what’s to be done
        Perhaps if he trys
        And reasons why
        he may discover something fun …
        (that solves his problem).

        I am just not as clever as you in getting the meaning all inside of the poetry and still make it rhyme. 😦


  5. Alastair says:

    AnElephant has written a lovely poem
    telling us all about his lovely mummy
    And for the record – just as an accord
    not one person thinks of you as a dummy


    • AnElephantCant be rude to his visitors
      So he asks you nicely just this time
      He likes it best
      If his lovely guests
      Post their comments in an equally bad rhyme


      • arjun bagga says:

        that’s AnElephant task
        you are asking me to attempt
        I am injured and bruised
        You may not ask why
        but let me tell you, burrp !
        a newbie on blogs I made some comments
        nice I thought
        bad they screamed
        so i made a list of comments
        thank you , l love it
        thumbs up
        AnElephant tried
        and here I am on your blog
        hammered yet again


        • AnElephantCant sufficiently thank Arjun
          For coming back here and leaving a poem
          AnElephant intends
          To become a good friend
          He looks forward to getting to know him


          • arjun bagga says:

            You are a good soul

            I must say

            upfront you make humble request

            I shall keep up

            for your love and respect

            AnElepantCant is my friend,

            Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah !

            I have a reason to drink tonight again

            Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah !


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