Likes Trikes Dislikes Bikes


AnElephantCant deny he is fussy
He has jazillions of strange likes and dislikes
Such as jigsaws of course
Or a red rocking horse
And aeroplanes but not mountain bikes

He enjoys playing in the park in the sunshine
With his secret magic hydrosonic stick gun
But not when it’s icy
That isn’t so nicy
Unless he has a sledge then that is great fun

He appreciates music with lush violins
And rock-n-roll and all sorts of art
Vincent and Dali
Aspidistras and holly
And he is delighted when little kids fart

He likes buildings with carvings of stone
And towers that nearly scrape the rain clouds
Lighthouses and bridges
But not biting midges
Which buzz round his head in great crowds

He loves dragons and mammoths and blackbirds
And iguanas and extinct dinosaurs
But not those darned meeces
He still hates them to pieces
But he likes turtles and apes and wild boars

Then there are great glens and vast lochs and mountains
And rivers that rush down to the sea
He is no fan of town planners
Deplores inconsiderate bad manners
And don’t forget that he just adores Meme

AnElephant cannot do without peanuts
Ice cream with sprinkles is his idea of heaven
And jelly and custard
Sliced ham with French mustard
But most of all he loves Jack who is seven


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11 Responses to Likes Trikes Dislikes Bikes

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    Jack is oh so adorable.

    “And rivers that rush down to the sea”
    “And don’t forget that he just adores Meme”

    And just whom were you going to adore if rivers rushed down to the ocean?


    • AnElephantCant answer this question
      About rivers and seas and oceans
      If the rivers are so fickle
      Or reduced to a trickle
      Then AnElephant would probably well most likely unless he could come up with something better perhaps arguably just don’t you think maybe cause a commotion


  2. Clanmother says:

    i have a feeling the AnElephantCant has met Khalil Gibran! “Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.”


  3. Christina ~ says:

    Have I mentioned that I love the way you compose your prose in such a way as to be an adventure every time you post? Oh yes! Need a love button for this one…especially for the totally handsome & adorable Jack!! ❤ Hugs!


    • Alastair says:

      I was about to comment here, but have to say, I love the new Gravatar Christina 🙂

      Sorry I was a little off topic
      I’m not always miopic
      Your poetry is so neat
      Always gives us a treat.
      An apology should do the trick

      I was 13 or 14, like
      When I learned how to ride a bike
      People would all laugh or cough
      Every time that I fell off off
      Then I would get narky like a tyke


      • AnElephantCant be rude to dear Alastair
        So he will have to suggest this quite laterally
        When the lovely Christina
        In future is seen here
        Please leave AnElephant to do all the flattery


    • AnElephantCant keep it a secret
      Jack is quite a good-looking young man
      But sadly it seems
      Not AnElephant’s genes
      Apparently he takes after his gran


  4. Well, we’ll leave out the immense allergen of peanuts. Everything else is a thumbs up…especially the last! 😀


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