Lord of the Wrinkles


AnElephantCant help but consider
Why we get hairier as we get older
Where once he was svelte
He is now growing a pelt
He looks a lot like a large furry boulder

Now of course he has always been quite grey
But of late he has become so much greyer
But at least he’s not bald
His mop keeps out the cold
He thinks it is better to have grey hair than nae hair

But it is not just his hair that is grey now
It’s his fingers and toes and well you know
No time for tirades
There must be 50 shades
His whole body is now chiaroscuro

Old age never comes alone so they all say
When you are young you wonder just what that means
Now your joints start to crack
And you sadly look back
At all the wild things you did in your teens

Every time you got kicked it hurts more now
Every fall every crash each surprise
But even when bits get sore
You still wish you had done more
You get older but never more wise

The bonus of age is insouciance
You do things because you like laughter
You don’t care what folk think
You enjoy raising a stink
It is so great to act dumber and dafter

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12 Responses to Lord of the Wrinkles

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  2. utesmile says:

    My lovely elephant I have nominated you for this award! have fun!


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  4. pennycoho says:

    There are elephants known for their wrinkles
    Actually they abound
    But an anelephant can’t
    Must surely know that
    To his followers … he’s really quite sound!


  5. Christina ~ says:

    I have to share that AnElephant has quite the talent and wit to consistently put in subtle little things (most of which I’m sure I miss) that I catch every so often that are just so funny!! (50 shades). Still in awe of your extensive word power and ability to weave them togehter with such incredibeaulific style!! Hugs for my favorite Elephant!!


  6. The message reminds me of “Warning!” by Jenny Joseph (one of my favourite poems).

    I’m not worried about reaching old age. I make a point of only worrying if there is no chocolate in the house – then I’m free to panic! 🙂


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