Fly Me to the Sun

jumbo jet

AnElephantCant quite grasp the concept
Of solar power because he’s a Scot
Water power is just fine
Wind doesn’t blow his mind
But the shine from the sun – he thinks not

The Swiss have a solar-powered airplane
That they think can do 24-hour flight
We are happy they say
It will fly through the day
But won’t there be a problem at night

AnElephantCant claim to be expert at flying
Any jokes about Jumbos you’re thumped
But if the power goes off
While the plane is aloft
Won’t it come back to earth with a bump

Now the Swiss make great watches and chocolate
Alpine guides are quite expert on skis
But try as they might
This aircraft won’t fly at night
They might as well make it of cheese

Their gnomes take good care of your money
AnElephant does not want to spook you
There’s high quality of life
And the best Army knife
But to go up in this plane is just cuckoo

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9 Responses to Fly Me to the Sun

  1. emmylgant says:

    I am late again with a comment…
    She can’t keep up, this emmylgant

    But don’t you think,
    It tickles me pink,
    It would be lovely
    to fly ever so quietly
    without vapor trail
    hanging on a plane’s tail?
    We’re not talking feathers and wax…
    Solar power has me flummoxed.


  2. pennycoho says:

    I enjoy coming here so much. I know I’m always going to leave a little bit happier, more knowledgable or both so … Anelephantcan fly me to the moon anytime he choses! 🙂


  3. Christina ~ says:

    I’m not a fan of flying anyway…AnElephant’s description was a LOT more fun than I’d have traveling on a plane like that! 😉


  4. I agree! You wouldn’t catch me in this plane! 🙂


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