Woe Snow and Ice Woe

winter woes

AnElephantCant hide his disappointment
He has never met a harpoonist
His reader may surmise
That line was contrived
Is AnElephant a cold-blooded opportunist

In winter we have sub-zero temperatures
Midnight is no frostier than noon is
If you hear a clunk
That’s his icicled trunk
Because the sun is less warm than the moon is

But he tries hard to keep warmth in his humour
And to trumpet no matter how frozen his tune is
Things can always be worse
Just read this terse verse
By Bud Neill Scotland’s legendary cartoonist


Winter’s come, the snow has fell
Wee Josie’s nose has froze as well
Wee Josie’s frozen nose is skintit*
…Winter’s diabolical intit?**

* skintit – skinned, scraped
** intit  – do you not agree, or if you are from the USA, ain’t it

Bud Neill was a poet and cartoonist who created the wonderfully named villain Rank Badyin, arch-enemy of Lobby Dosser, the Sheriff of Calton Creek (pictured below).
Yin means one.

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8 Responses to Woe Snow and Ice Woe

  1. Christina ~ says:

    Love the poem, love the video and once again that incredibly handsome adorable little Jack….everything needed for the perfect post….only lacking that “love” button I always wish for when visiting AnElephant! Hugs ~


  2. pennycoho says:

    I can’t decide which thing I like more. The great drawing, the clever words, the short video (who’s your friend – talking to the snowman here as I don’t see an elephant anywhere around) the reading of Bud Neill’s poem, or the incredibly good looking young man standing next to the statue of Lobby Dosser. Tough choices! A wonderful post, thank you! 🙂


  3. Clanmother says:

    Hello, I have just nominated your blog for the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award:


    Please accept my kind regards without any obligation. This is my thanks for being an inspiration to me on my blogging journey.

    Rebecca aka Clanmother


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