San Franciscool

AnElephantCant ever remember
Being anywhere that is quite so pretty
Great parks with great trees
Neat houses that please
San Francisco is one beautiful city
He sees a lake that has swans and cute duckies
By a Greek temple a sight for sore eyes
With pillars and statues
AnElephant has great news
Culture in the US ain’t that a surprise
He stays at Sir Francis Drake a downtown hotel
Named after an English dude who used to sea-fare
His room sits up high
In the brilliant blue winter sky
Overlooking the fabulous bustling Union Square
Where there is a Xmas tree which stands 60 feet high
And an ice rink with happy folk skating
Macy’s seasonal lights
Brighten the star-spangled night
This is the place for AnElephant to feel great in


He has only been here for one day now
But AnElephant is nobody’s fool
He has not much to say
About the bridge and the bay
But AnElephant just loves San Franciscool


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6 Responses to San Franciscool

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  2. mixedupmeme says:

    Meme has lived in the US all her life
    The home of the brave and the free
    Bet you never knew to AnElephantCant’s blog
    She must come California for to see

    She is hoping his visit has no strife
    And for more pictures she does plea
    Now you know where she will go
    To see California for free


  3. Visiting San Francisco Bay
    For just a mere day
    AnElephantCan’t deny
    When once more he must fly
    He will be singing in alto
    “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”


  4. Alastair says:

    I am so glad for AnElephant
    That he got to see and go
    Up the hills that would make me pant
    In the great San Francisco

    I also hope you have a good time
    Which is what you do as a rule
    And this is the end of my Rhyme
    Go and enjoy San Fanciscool


  5. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCan’t help but grin
    Emmy knows the feelin’.
    Something special is in the air
    in that city fair.

    Thank you for posting and sharing
    Happy to see you smiling.


  6. Clanmother says:

    How much fun can anelephant have!!! Lots and lots and lots…


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