AnElephant Dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock


AnElephantCant claim he’s creative
But this is one good idea that he has
He jumps on a wee boat
Which luckily stays afloat
And carries him over the Bay to Alcatraz


He has been to some desolate places
Like bleak Rannoch Moor in the Highlands
But when he looks across
The dark water he knows
No man is a rock no man is an island


The cells that he visits are tiny
He has no room to unpack his pyjamas
He is very happy
He is a law-abiding chappy
He does not want to be locked in this slammer


You all know that AnElephant isn’t too smart
He is never mistaken for an erudite professor
But he has to admit
He feels a bit of a twit
He thought The Rock was a world-famous wrestler


In the US you all play “Where’s Waldo”
Some folk can find him and other folk can’t
This is off the cuff
But in one pic above
Can you find a hidden picture of AnElephant?


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5 Responses to AnElephant Dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock

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  2. Kelvin Grave says:

    Very interesting but stoopid!


  3. Looks rather grim! Good pictures.


  4. Alastair says:

    It does look rather desolate and sad.
    Where you would go for being bad
    I see a guard who may be Paul or Jim
    But AnElephant? No, I can’t see him

    Again this is the end of my rhyme
    I hope you are having a good time


  5. emmylgant says:

    In Alcatraz, the Big House
    is indeed a bleak house,
    Nothing to sing about unless it is the blues.
    I found the wee picture up on the shelf
    Smack dab in the middle of it!
    Hidden in plain sight?
    Hugs a plenty, take care of yourself.


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