Bridge Over Untroubled Water


AnElephantCant contain his excitement
His enthusiasm is somewhat endearing
He fulfils a wish
Sees the Golden Gate Bridge
An astonishing feat of engineering
AnElephant will not bore you with details
As only AnElephant can
But he just has to mention
This amazing suspension
With a 4,200 foot main span
Your favourite Elephant like most lads loves bridges
Some are famous and some are historical
Like the Charles Bridge in Prague
But the Bridge Event in The Hague
Brings folk together and is purely metaphorical
AnElephant has seen some great bridges
From Sydney Harbour to the Chain in Budapest
Le Pont Neuf in Paris
Il Ponte di Rialto in Venice
But the Golden Gate is as beautiful as the best of the rest
The views from the up here are outstanding
You see the city and the Pacific Ocean
Looking over the Bay
On a grey cloudy day
Fills AnElephant’s heart with emotion
Now once again he sets you this poser
Where’s Waldo? is the question he asks
Just see if you can’t
Find one wee Elephant
In a picture – it’s not a hard task



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5 Responses to Bridge Over Untroubled Water

  1. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCant must have friends in high places
    To put his picture on the GG braces,
    or did he fly up there with a dust mote
    on a sunbeam, when the remote
    winter sun came out of hiding?
    He is endearing
    but a puzzlement


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    AnElephantCant hide from Meme although he tries and tries
    She has her little tricks and she has her little spies

    She sees him high upon the bridge and trusts he isn’t dizzy
    And hopes the Bay Bridge fog doesn’t make his hair all frizzy


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