Travel and Strife


AnElephantCant decide how to travel
There are options he is not at a loss
He can go for a hike
He can get on his bike
Or ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross

He is determined to depart San Fran in some style
He can fly over the Bridge way up high
But he is not Dumbo
He needs an alternative Jumbo
If he wants to soar through the sky

He can sail out of the bay like the captain
Of an America’s Cup multi-hull yacht
But he has the money
To wrap himself in honey
And go to sea in a beautiful pea green boat

He can board a Greyhound for Pittsburgh
And walk off to look for America
He can jump an Amtrak
With just a hat and a Mac
Before his allusions get even esotericer

He may set out to explore the Mid-West
In a wagon train or perhaps a stagecoach
To see cattle ranches
But he’s a-feared o’ Comanche
He thinks he prefers a safer approach

If he did want to be more exciting
He could get a hovercraft or even a chopper
He could buy a big Harley
Be cool as Bob Marley
But most likely he’d just come a cropper

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5 Responses to Travel and Strife

  1. emmylgant says:

    Come a cropper?
    don’t think so.
    Easy rider?
    Yes. What a way to go.


  2. pennycoho says:

    Simply excellent! 🙂


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