Dreaming of a White Elephant ….

xmas 2012

AnElephantCant stay calm when it’s Xmas
If anything he acts even dafter
As the seasonal bells jingle
He feels his tactile trunk tingle
And his ears flap with joy at the laughter

He hopes this Xmas will be a white one
But he has to keep warm when it snows
The whole house will be rocking
When he hangs up his stocking
If he gets a cold in his nose

 He gets excited as all the small children
A million presents on a sleigh with reindeer
He keeps asking his mum
Will Santa get down the lum
Close your eyes dream sweet dreams never fear

He loves Xmas trees decorated with tinsel
Mince pies jelly and holiday cheer
Cards toys from Santa
From AnElephantCant a
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Your Second Favourite Elephant Sends Seasons Greetings to both his readers
(and their mums)

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15 Responses to Dreaming of a White Elephant ….

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    Holidays greeting from a friend – I know you got more than plenty
    But thought I would write – just in case you didn’t get any 😦

    I would sing some special songs – maybe ten maybe twenty
    But knew when you heard them you’d say
    “Thanks but that’s too many!!!”

    (Should have sent this Yesterday. xx)


    • AnElephantCant be with family this Christmas
      This year he is left on the shelf
      But he has no concern
      He does not ever yearn
      It is not only The Cat Who Walks By Himself

      And all places are alike to him


  2. Ieonaa says:

    What an ElefantCan’t
    Shouldn’t be easy to accept
    As he’s free to steal the sweets
    Cold he’ll get not for his thefts.

    …Yeah, I’ll stick to writing poems in my own language, they sound much better there. You’re amazing at those poems though and unique. Merry Christmas!


    • AnElephantCant thank Leonaa enough
      We each have a song to be sung
      AnElephant is praising
      Your blog is amazing
      And he can’t rhyme in your mother tongue

      Thank you, Leonaa, for your visit and your so kind words.
      What is your own language?
      Best wishes and a mammoth hug


      • Ieonaa says:

        My language is (unfortunately) romanian…
        And I shall hug you back
        For your rhymes are charming
        And my Christmas Tree is bald.

        No need to praise my blog,
        It’s just a nut into a world
        And I feel sad I can’t convert
        The cars into Santa’s sleigh.

        Should the Elephant be dinning
        At this hour of the day
        Or the sun’s still shinning
        Upon’s elephant’s day?



  3. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCant have Sweteer greetings.
    Hope your Santa’s Bum
    Wasn’t caught in the lum.


  4. Clanmother says:

    Thank you so much for your Christmas greeting! It is always special to have an elephant as a friend…I am very lucky!!!


  5. Alastair says:

    I hope AnElephant has a great
    Christmas (don’t stay up too late)


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