The Same Difference


AnElephantCant always travel by foot
He needs transport befitting his status
He rents a cool Chevy
To drive to the levee
But sadly he has no idea what that is

You both know that your Elephant is no thick-head
There are many great thoughts he has thunk
But he does get confused
By the words that are used
In the US they store luggage in the trunk!?!

The bonnet they call the hood here
Gear lever is shift stick states-wide
Windscreen is windshield
Man they’re out in left field
Even the steering wheel is on the wrong side

AnElephant powders his nose in the restroom
Which back home is just called the loo
His trousers are pants
In which he gets ants
Because he wears pants not shorts under them too

His mobile is known as a cell phone
Which gets busy instead of engaged
We say Zed they say Zee
Résumé for CV
So it’s back to Primary One which is now the First Grade

So the differences in word usage are plenty
In Scotland a piece is a sandwich
And not a big gun
But it is all great fun
Two nations divided by one common language

ele question

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10 Responses to The Same Difference

  1. rgayer55 says:

    It took me a long time to decipher tyres and petrol too.


  2. utesmile says:

    There are so many words different, let alone the spelling of so many others. But still we do understand them, even if we have to ask twice. Funny enough I have to ask a Scottish person to talk slowly to understand and I have to listen very carefully. When I was in Thurso it was fun talking to the people there, and every one was so friendly and helpful. I love Scotland. xx


  3. Clanmother says:

    I love the photo!!!


  4. Hehehehe…. I went through the same thing when I lived in New Zealand! Some people there must’ve thought I was out of my mind LOL 🙂 I understand you perfectly well…. so keep your chin up 🙂


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