East is West and the Twain shall Meet


AnElephantCant help thinking that people
Are pretty much the same all over the world
He doesn’t care about religion
Or the colour of the skin
Although he admits he likes guys less than girls

You find bonzer blokes way Down Under
Quite laid back and easy going dudes
You know what they’re thinking
It’s a ripper fair dinkum
No problem mate they say it’s all good

In ould Oireland they are on the robust side
They like their grub and a nice pint of stout
In Cork or Killarney
They’ll give you the blarney
But rest assured they won’t ever throw you out

Les Francais are slightly more cultured
Red wine with meat and with fish un vin blanc
But if you need un ami
They react so calmly
They smile and say ah oui c’est bon

In Scotland they are a wee bit more guarded
They don’t always appear to be friendly
But if you get down on your luck there
Or find you are stuck there
They will not hesitate to give you their last penny

The Americans find AnElephant quite charming
They love his ears and his trunk just beguiles
He has happily found
As he meanders around
A thousand handshakes and one million great smiles


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11 Responses to East is West and the Twain shall Meet

  1. AnElephantcan’t fail to amuse
    Finding people wherever he cruises.
    All their different charms
    And welcoming arms
    Are because we love Elephant ‘n’ his muse

    All the best to you 🙂


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    Handshakes are — always quite nice
    And smiles I’m sure are thrilling

    But gifts for you — two will do
    I think would be more fulfilling

    Your friend, meme


    • AnElephantCant get any more excited
      But he does try hard not to offend
      So he is not miffed
      He hasn’t received a gift
      From Meme his favourite inter-web friend

      He thought she might give him a dog biscuit
      Although he is not a wee mutt
      Now his greatest hope
      Is a gi-huge telescope
      To help him in his search for peanuts


  3. pennycoho says:

    This is so cleverly done. And I’m glad that it’s proving true and that you are being warmingly received. I hope your visit continues to be filled with friendly people and happy experiences! Your friend, Penny 🙂


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