Perfectly Puzzled


The picture on the wall shows people leaping
From the cliffs into the waters far below
She hopes to stay wrapped in his arms till morning
But fears the clock hands move round far too slow

He hears her call his name from through the doorway
Where he finds boxes scattered on the floor
He sees her head and shoulder weeping in the first one
He is afraid to look in any more

The back stairs appear to lead upwards to nowhere
The main staircase is well lit and very wide
When he gets to the very top he still is puzzled
He knows his room is on the other side

The bottles on the shelf are almost empty
He has no desire to sample them again
He wonders what effect they have upon his memories
He forgets to pour the contents down the drain

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14 Responses to Perfectly Puzzled

  1. pennycoho says:

    If in fact this be a dream It appears to me that anelephantcan’t help but be aware that his subconscious may have the inside scoop on a change that looks to be happening around the planet. I hope to hear more of your wonderful poetry that is filled with the mysterious knowings of the subconscious mind! Penny 🙂


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    It’s all very simple and easy to explain
    What is happening to AnElephantCant’s brain
    Running around with his tusks in a twist
    Well he’s driven himself insane

    Meme gives the solution everything to gain
    Anelephantcant need never abstain
    Whenever he goes on a little tryst
    He should always drink champagne


    • Ieonaa says:

      This ElefantCan’t make too much sense,
      For the sanity is critic
      Like a run down clinic
      And the brain gets tense.

      You ElefantCan’t freeze down the minds
      Of your faithful matinals
      Who took upon themselfs
      To have a bad dream as well.


    • AnElephantCant deny
      Sometimes he gets a wee bitty crazy
      He should really abstain
      From drinking champagne
      Cos it makes everything go all hazy


  3. A nightmare for sure as Alastair commented.


  4. emmylgant says:

    This is a wondrous puzzlement
    For whimsical AnElephantCant.
    Emmy doesn’t have the key
    or ontological
    To say the right thing.
    Dream sweet dreams.
    AnElephantCant ever worry.
    Emmy touches his ear,
    And gives him peanuts.

    and gives him peanuts.


  5. Alastair says:

    Sounds like a bad dream


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