Alliterative Onomatopoetic Oxymorons


AnElephantCant claim to be erudite
He just wasn’t very well teached
At speling and gramer
He’ll just yammer and stammer
But he still plans to discuss figures of speech

Alliteration is likeably laughable
Fine folk fairly foolishly find funny
A metaphor is cool
With one golden rule
Life is a roller coaster and time is money

 In litotes you emphasise your point
By cleverly using understatement
You say not bad for good
Not polite instead of rude
And not too shabby when really great meant

An anagram is where you shuffle the letters
You get credit for being direct
They have the same frequence
But in a new sequence
The spectre of a sceptre brings respect

AnElephantCant explain oxymoron
In a rhyme that will make any sense
Just think Friendly Fire
He says Liar Liar
That is a product of Military Intelligence

AnElephant is really keen to be a
Fun example of the wonderful onomatopoeia
Which is like the sound it describes
And gives him vroomy vibes
Like crash bang bump thump wham pow whee bah

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17 Responses to Alliterative Onomatopoetic Oxymorons

  1. Wow!! Speechless aside from that. lol


  2. pennycoho says:

    When it comes to onomatopoetic oxymorons I have never encountered any that I have enjoyed more than those here in your wonderfully intellectual and literate post. I am in complete awe. I find I am filipendulous with anticipation for more glossolalia although your jentacular post with the pancakes was also most interesting. I’m guessing that you can definitely quomodocunquize all of your wonderfully written posts that are enjoyed with great pleasure! Thank you, Penny


  3. utesmile says:

    Very clever, fantastic. My favourite is an onomatapoeia. “smack, crackle and pop”


  4. Bad to Verse says:

    This is great! A really handy way for students to see these terms at work. Thanks for posting!


  5. Gosh, I wish I’d known you when I was teaching all these! Your verses would have made it all so much easier and more memorable for my students. 🙂


    • AnElephantCant believe you’re a teacher
      He should have guessed that in a trice
      So you could have schooled him
      But instead you fooled him
      Into thinking Miss MyBeautifulThings is quite nice


  6. Ieonaa says:

    Ieonna feels confused,
    The complicated term amuse her
    She just writes from the soul
    Without fearing to sound foul.


  7. emmylgant says:

    This wee rhyme is not too shabby
    Neither is the sketch over the top
    AnElephant’s musings are amusing
    Like ice cream in July
    Makes Emmy laugh heartily
    With onomatopoeia I have to stop,
    Pfffttt! Hein? Ben…boff ring ding
    Humm, mouah!
    Tu me tues.


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