Allegories, Apologues and Fables


AnElephantCant be confused with a magnet
Although they both are quite grey and inactive
One draws one repels
One fails one excels
And one is very clearly attractive

AnElephant when he was back in Scotland
Lived in a district of Glasgow named Partick
Not Patrick or Paddy
Or Pat the wee maddy
Just a place less hospitable than the Arctic

You may wonder if there is a theme to these rambles
The answer is no not at all
There are days like this one
When AnElephant just for fun
Has a hankering to attend a masked ball

So he starts of by being quite pointless
And then quickly loses the plot
Goes down a drain pipe
Gives his brow a quick wipe
And confuses himself quite a lot

He decides to tell a story with no moral
He narrates a short tale with no end
He creates a wee poem
Well come on now you know him
You might even consider him a friend

But though this post is not allegorical
Its meaning should soon be quite clear
This pathetic parable
With rhymes utterly terrible
Is his way of wishing you all A Happy New Year

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11 Responses to Allegories, Apologues and Fables

  1. emmylgant says:

    A Happy New Year to AnElephant
    And his vagabond shoes
    More adventures and wonderment
    Await, like may be hoodoos
    Or Rooty Tooty Fresh n’Fruity.
    Wherever you go, be happy.


  2. Alastair says:

    Happy New Year. I hope it is a good one for you


  3. Oh my this nearly made me cry
    That aside I take pride
    In saying to thee an old refrain


  4. pennycoho says:

    To put the words terrible, parable and anelephantcant who is incomparable in the same sentence is in all ways unthinkable! A very Happy New Year my friend! 🙂


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