mama said there’d be days like this


AnElephantCant blog everyday
Sometimes he is just too puffed out
He can’t feel the force
He falls off his horse
Or he is quite the thick uncultured lout

On these days he stays in and ponders
Where he may have mislaid his muse
If he can’t be creative
He just goes all native
Takes out his bagpipes and plays some sweet blues

Can it be that he is feeling homesick
Does he pine for the hills and the glens
His heart light as a feather
As he dreams of the heather
Is it time to go back home again

To the snow and the sleet and the dampness
And the cold that gets into old bones
Which soon start to ache
Oh give him a break
Winter in Scotland doesn’t hold any unknowns

There is still way too much of America
Unseen and too much to be done here
So he opens the curtain
Surveys 2013
And looks forward to more adventures this year

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11 Responses to mama said there’d be days like this

  1. pennycoho says:

    🙂 okay, but still …


  2. Yes you will miss Alba alright
    but don’t lose your missions sight
    do not shed a homesick tear
    Alba will always be here
    so while you still have your health
    desire and the wealth
    Go …. enjoy yourself. !

    Hugs x


    • AnElephantCant forget his main mission
      Is to explore and conquer new worlds
      Not so sure about wealth
      But speaking for himself
      He likes San Fran and California girls


      • AnElephantCant forget his main mission
        since it was solely his own decision
        to fit new shoes to go clippity clop
        now like a boy in a sweetie shop
        ignoring artefacts or historic fixtures
        too busy devouring US Dolly Mixtures


  3. Alastair says:

    I wasn’t sure if you were back for 2013
    But I guess you just have to play it by ear.
    please try not to get homesick
    Maybe shopping will do the trick
    And have a wonderfully Happy New Year


  4. pennycoho says:

    A great way to start 2013, exploring America! Although I like the idea of your playing bagpipe blues! Wonderful images come to mind! 🙂


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