A Cautionary Quandary for January

AnElephantCant solve his dilemma
He finds himself in a quandary
Tries the Nickel and Dime
Can’t buy a good rhyme
To start this brilliant blog about January

AnElephant isn’t a big fan of Astrology
So there is one thing that he finds hilarious
Four weeks of hail sleet and snow
Let an Elephant know
January is the dawning of the Ice Age of Aquarius

But this month is significantly creative
Two of AnElephant’s great heroes have birthdays
On the 25th Happy Returns
To the immortal Robert Burns
Scotland’s Bard who wrote of Bonnie Doon’s Banks and Braes

His most notable work is called Tam O’Shanter
About Tam heading home to a lady who waited
“Gathering her brows like gathering storm
Nursing her wrath to keep it warm”
Small wonder poor Tam’s return was so belated

On the 8th it’s the great Jailhouse Rocker
Heartbreak Hotel Blue Suede Shoes Now or Never
We miss Elvis Aaron
Hound Dog Teddy Bear an’
The Guitar Man stays Young and Beautiful for ever

But there is one person AnElephant loves more
Than even these legends of music and poetry
The start of each year
Brings a smile and a tear
This month ends on Mummy Elephant’s birthday

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3 Responses to A Cautionary Quandary for January

  1. pennycoho says:

    The perfect one most of all, Mom! I couldn’t agree more with anelephantcan’t in his choice!


  2. Alastair says:

    I have a poem by Rabbie Burns … an ode to a haggis … on a plaque that I have with my tartan and crest. He is the best bard to ever come out of (or stay in) bonnie Scotland.

    January is the first month of the year
    It is the month where the new year turns
    I am also the kind of bloke
    Who can’t drink so I’ll have a coke
    To celebrate the birth of Rabbie Burns


  3. emmylgant says:

    Since January is named
    After Janus looking forward
    But also backward,
    It is a time of reflection
    For AnElephant’s affection
    For the people he has named.
    So it should be
    Thinks Emmy.


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