The Buffoon’s Balloon Lampoon

balloonsAnElephantCant emphasise just how much he loves
Kids parties great songs with great tunes
Ice cream and jelly
To fill his big wobbly belly
But what thrills him most are the beautiful balloons

It is small wonder that children adore them
Bright colours and all sorts of weird shapes
Tie one to a string
You feel like a king
No matter if one occasionally escapes

If you’re indoors they float up to the ceiling
Where they bob around like a smile in mid air
They find a wee niche
That is just out of reach
You gotta laugh cos you know they don’t care

If you are outdoors they go up for ever
They float on a breeze into a blue sky
You watch and you peer
Until they disappear
You are happy with a tear in your eye

Balloons sometimes make us feel sorrow
When they pop or they bang or they burst
In the sad song Nena said
That 99 were bright red
But they give us youngsters so much pleasure first

Some folk are clever and make balloon sculptures
They create colourful squashable animals
Dachshunds and Giraffes
Even Elephants that look daft
Pachyderms that fly – now that would have helped Hannibal

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9 Responses to The Buffoon’s Balloon Lampoon

  1. pennycoho says:

    Balloons are wonderful things and anelephantcan’t deny he has the edge there when it comes to having the right equipment to fill balloons aplenty! An excellent post, thank you! 🙂


  2. emmylgant says:

    Balloons are gift wrapped dreams
    riding on sunbeams.
    Vertical offering,
    Gratuitous loving
    In a grooving
    Fifth Dimension…
    Thinks Emmy, sitting
    On her cloudy cushion.


  3. Alastair says:

    It would certainly have helped getting over that mountain 🙂

    I love balloons. I can’t blow them up for toffee though. I don’t have the puff. I am going to try and get a photo of one bursting though 🙂


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