With Gods on Their Side

AnElephantCant let January go by
Without a mention of his favourite Roman God
So right now his plan is
To rhyme about Janus
And one or two others who are not quite so odd

The significant thing about Janus
Is that he is the dude with two faces
One at the front one the back
So no sneak attack
With him there are no hiding places

He looks forward at the first month of each year
Backwards to the one that just ended
He is always good for a rhyme
Overseeing door gate and time
And transition which is highly recommended

The King of Roman Divinities is Jupiter
Who uses thunderbolts to rule the whole sky
In Greece it is Zeus
With Hera his missus
But the J-man has Juno as the apple of his eye

Neptune is the guy with the Trident
He’s the boss of the whales and the fishes
He lives under the ocean
Takes the occasional notion
And finds that chips with his subjects is delicious

Pluto’s realm is Death or the Underworld
And Mars is the man for a War
There seems no way to ban it
So he also gets a Planet
It’s a nice way to glorify gore

AnElephantCant understand one more thing
The old Romans worshipped wildly when at home
Did they still believe in
Some fabulous heaven
While the barbarians were happily ransacking Rome?

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4 Responses to With Gods on Their Side

  1. Hearing of Janus, my thoughts go to Medusa, the Roman Goddess, the one with the hideous face and serpents in place of hair. Legend has it that Medusa was beheaded by Perseus in January.




  2. pennycoho says:

    The Gods would have indeed been cooler with shades on! But my favorite is Neptune who shares chips with the fish (his subjects)! 🙂


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